Bastian Prendes. (Oviedo, Spain)

Painter and Law Student


Hello there! I`m Bastian, a free-lance painter and muralist, fervent art lover and passionate traveller. Even though I study law eagerly, I came to the UK looking for a rewarding experience that also helped improve my English, and I chose Edinburgh because it`s one of the most cultural and international cities, in spite of the fact that`s not too large and crowded (only during the festival, which is awesome!). And honestly, it was an inspiring place since the very first moment I arrived and was walking and gazing at everything around me. At the same time, I realised it was like wandering through an 18th century city, the nicest I`ve ever been to, actually...

About my art business - I started with nothing in either my wallet or bank account, without any help or support. It was 3 years ago when I decided to take advantage of my painting skills and run a business in decorative painting, canvas and portraits. My inspiration came from my passion for art, and my motivation from being a hard-working teenager. You know that he who reaps must sow, and it feels so good when you finally reach your goals. Now, after 3 years’ hard work , the main newspaper from my region printed a full-page article about my career until I ended up taking my artwork to a foreign country, such as the big mural in the corridor of Alba English School, and more that are going to suddenly appear!

When it comes to English, in my humble opinion, the way is exactly the same. Be dedicated and make time for study, read in English, watch films or TV in English, socialize with foreigners and overall, enjoy what you do.  Teachers in Alba are all great people and made it much easier for me. I made myself at home after just two months actually! 

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