Flexible Hours Courses Prices

Our part-time courses are our most popular option for students living and working in Edinburgh. Choose how many classes you want to take each week, then pay every month by automatic card payment. Get your 5th month free!

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General English and Exam Preparation

Classes per week Hour per week 1 to 3 weeks 1st month 2nd month 3rd month 4th month 5th month
1 1 hour 40 min
(2 x 50 min)
£24/week £85/month £85/month £85/month £85/month free
2 3 hours 20 min
(4 x 50 min)
£44/week £160/month £160/month £160/month £160/month free
3 5 hours
(6 x 50 min)
£60/week £220/month £220/month £220/month £220/month free
4 6 hours 40 min
(8 x 50 min)
£70/week £260/month £260/month £260/month £260/month free
5 8 hours 20 min
(10 x 50 min)
£85/week £320/month £320/month £320/month £320/month free

You take the same number of classes each week. You can change the days and times of your classes up to 3 hours before they start!

Pay every four weeks by automatic card payment. After 4 months with us, you get the 5th month free!

What's included?
  • Entry test (written and spoken)
  • Access to our Online Platform with daily feedback from your teacher
  • Homework for each class
  • Certificate at the end of your course
  • Free coffee, tea and biscuits during your breaks 🙂
Can I change which days or times I attend class?

Yes, you can. After you enrol, you’ll get access to your account on our website. You can then change which classes you attend each week. For example, you might always come to three classes a week, but sometimes come on Monday, Thursday and Friday and sometimes come on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. You attend the same number of classes each week. You can change your classes up to 3 hours before they start.

What is the timetable?

We usually offer general English classes at 9:30 am and 11:30 am. We offer exam classes on two evenings a week at 6 pm. We can tell you your exact options after we confirm your level.

Can I move classes between weeks?

No. For example, if you take three classes a week, you always take three classes every week. You cannot take two classes some weeks and four classes in other weeks.

How can I pay?

We take the payments automatically by credit/debit card each month.

If you prefer to pay at reception, then you can do that too, but you won’t get the 5th month free.

Do I have to pay other fees, like booking, enrolment or high season fees?

No. The only other thing you have to pay for is your coursebook. All books (general English and exams) cost £35. If you don’t write in your General English book, we will give you £30 back when you return it at the end of your course. Prices for classes are the same all year.

What happens if I go on holiday?

You can pause your course. Just email reception and let us know at least one week in advance

Do General English and Exam Classes have different prices?

No, the prices are the same. You can mix General English and Exam Preparation classes if you have the right level.

Can I study for less than 5 months?

Yes, you can! You can study from just one week if you want. Contact us for more information.

What happens after 5 months?

You can continue studying for more than 5 months. To thank you for your loyalty, we offer a 25% discount on pay monthly courses for students continuing after 5 months. Just come to reception to talk about your options.

Can I have a trial class before I sign up?

Absolutely! Just contact us, and we can arrange a free trial class for you.