English Summer Courses for Teenagers in Edinburgh

Staying with Friends or Family

Hundreds of international students, of high school age, come to Edinburgh every summer to attend English language classes to improve their English.

Many students stay with a family friend or relative, such as an aunt, cousin or grandmother. Students get the English they need at school and fun activities in English, as well as the safety and comfort of staying with people they know – without the cost of a residential summer camp.

Alba English has a flexible approach with an English language summer programme that brings together overseas students staying in homestays, students staying with friends or family in Edinburgh and local Study Assistants (young native English speakers who live locally). Students can take English classes only or combine them with activities and excursions.


English Classes only English Classes
Activities (afternoon only or all)
Monday – Friday
English Classes
Activities (afternoon only or all)
Monday – Friday
Saturday Excursions

The programme is for students who…

- are 13 – 17 years old (in July 2019)

- have at least an A2 (elementary) level of English Take the Test here.

- want to improve their English while having a fun summer with young people from around the world


The summer school is centrally located at 12 Castle Terrace (a short walk from Princes Street). Most homes in Edinburgh should be less than 40 minutes away.

Activities are all around Edinburgh. After afternoon activities, students can make their own way home or can meet with their Edinburgh Guardian at the school. For evening activities, students under 16 should be met by their Edinburgh Guardian.

Edinburgh Guardian - a friend or relative

The adult who the student is staying with is called their “Edinburgh Guardian”. They will be responsible for the young person’s safety and wellbeing while they are in Edinburgh. An Edinburgh Guardian must:

- be a responsible adult (aged 18 or over)

- be able to provide a safe home appropriate for a young person

- have a mobile phone in order and be able to communicate easily with the Programme Director, Teachers, Activity Leaders and the Student. We take student safety seriously and ensure that there is smooth communication between everyone involved in running a safe and enjoyable programme.