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Alba Teacher Training

Reading List

Trinity does not provide a set reading list, however, you’ll need to read widely throughout the course and in preparation for the exam.

Core Reading Texts

It is essential that you obtain copies of the following titles as you will need to have access to and refer to them throughout the online component of the course.

For more reading related to specific topics or your individual interests, your Course Tutors will be able to point you in the right direction.


Hedge, T. (2000) Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom: A guide to current ideas about the theory and practice of English language teaching (Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers)

Lightbown, P. M. & Spada, N. (1999 / 2013). How Languages Are Learned. Oxford: OUP (Kindle edition available)

Parrott, M. (2010) Grammar for English Language Teachers. Cambridge: CUP

Richards, J. & Rogers, T. (2001) Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching. Cambridge: CUP

Rogerson-Revell, P, (2011) English Phonology and Pronunciation Teaching, London: Continuum International Publishing Group

Sources include libraries, online editions or consider asking your own institution.