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Alba Teacher Training

The Moodle

The Alba Trinity DipTESOL Moodle

The Moodle platform is used to deliver the course content. No specialist knowledge or expensive software is required to access the platform – simply a computer, laptop, tablet or phone with an internet connection. 

The Moodle is where you will find a range of ways in which to interact with both the course tutors and your fellow candidates. The Alba DipTESOL is built on the foundation that collaborative learning is key to successful teacher development. Throughout the course, you and the other candidates will make use of the various aspects that the Moodle offers.

What is on the Alba Trinity DipTESOL Moodle?


Trinity Lessons

A varied series of pages that combine input content with practical, response-required questions.


Trinity Workbooks

Slightly more traditional than lessons, these typically contain pages of input content which may take the form of online pages, embedded files or videos. They usually conclude with instructions to take what you have learned into the classroom to experiment and reflect.

Wikis (collaborative and personal)

Trinity Wikis

Co-constructed pages in which knowledge, experience, ideas and inspiration are written and recorded in order to widen your understanding of and response to input materials. You and your fellow teachers are responsible for writing, editing and maintaining these. Each unit contains a personal wiki for you to keep your own notes as you work through the weeks.



Trinity Glossary

Concise and efficient pages in which you co-construct a moderated set of explanations for key terminology in the ESOL context. You can and should add to the glossary as often as possible, and at least once a week during the online component, making use of it as a space to deal with key concepts in a digestible way.


Discussion forums

Trinity Discussion Forums

Topic-based exchanges of questions and answers, observations and comments on any of the input provided. Although there will be guided prompts from your tutors as when and what to post about, you are free to post and reply to topics that you feel will be of benefit to you and the other teachers on the course.



Trinity Quizzes

Opportunities for you to self-check your own developmental progress. You will see these appear at intervals throughout the course.



Trinity Workshops

These sessions, held throughout the course, combine pre-reading and practical knowledge to provide a space in which you can not only develop your knowledge of a particular aspect of teaching or language, but also collaborate with others to take away practical ideas on how to either try something new in the classroom or feel more confident about what you already do.



Trinity Tutorials

Both group and individual tutorials are timetabled into the course to allow you to honestly assess your progress, as well as raise any concerns and questions in real-time with your course tutor and fellow candidates.


Narrated presentations

Trinity Narrated Presentations

More than just another PowerPoint presentation, these are designed to make the input more accessible, ensuring that the key concepts and ideas are talked about and explained in a more human way, as well as supported by text on the screen.


Getting online

Around two weeks before the course start date, you will be sent a username and password for the Moodle course so you'll have a chance to familiarise yourself with the Moodle before the course starts.


Do I need any special software or computer knowledge to take the Alba Trinity DipTESOL?

Absolutely not! Course candidates simply require an Internet connection and computer to access the course. In fact, you can take part in most Moodle activities on any device. There's even a Moodle app available for both Apple and Android so you can follow your course on the go.

Our video group tutorials are also hosted on the Moodle, and you'll need a laptop or desktop computer for these, along with a headset and microphone - such as the ones used for hands-free mobile calls. And that's it!