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Alba DipTESOL Course Details


Every Trinity Diploma in TESOL contains four units, each with three sections. 
  Section 1 Section 2 Section 3
Unit 1: Written paper Language Learning and teaching Professional development
Unit 2: Coursework portfolio Observation instrument Developmental record Independent research project
Unit 3: Interview Talk on prepared topic and discussion Phonemic transcription Discussion on topics concerning aspects of theory and practice
Unit 4: Teaching Practice Lesson planning Lesson delivery Lesson evaluations


The Alba Trinity Diploma prepares you for the four units through the 24-week Online Component (the Moodle) and In-school Component with up to 12 participants.


24-Week Online Component

The course is delivered through lessons, workbooks, video, narrated presentations and quizzes coming together with your fellow candidates to contribute to Wikis, a glossary and discussion forums and exchange ideas in workshops and tutorials. Throughout the course you are supported by our Course Tutors through Individual and Group Tutorials.

Here are some examples of the Moodle weeks:

Week 2: You'll reflect on your own perceptions of the classroom - what it is and what it's for. Then, using the Moodle's Workbooks, you'll learn about and evaluate different teaching methodologies and how they have evolved as the ELT industry has grown and changed.

Week 4: Your focus on phonology will begin in earnest with a self-guided presentation, introducing you to the relevant concepts and terms, bringing them together with the methods and approaches covered in Week 2.

Week 5: We'll be exploring how different theories of language learning both support and challenge our classroom practice. You'll be able to discuss and clarify these theories and their practical application in the Group Tutorial with your tutor and fellow candidates.

Week 11: You'll investigate taking a genre-based approach to texts, and what this means for your learners followed by an online Workshop to explore intercultural factors in the classroom. Finally, you'll be able to discuss your progress in one of your regular Individual Tutorials, which are great opportunities to go over any points from the course, as well as look at how your portfolio assignments are coming along.

Click here for more about what you'll find on the Alba DipTESOL Moodle.

In-School Component

An intensive, full-time two-week course that builds on the online component and is designed to consolidate learning from the Moodle and give you final exam preparation for your assessments.

There are a variety of sessions led by both course tutors and course candidates and you will also spend time preparing for the various components outside of these timetabled slots. 

Unit 1: Written paper - a 3-hour exam.

Unit 3: Phonology Interview - a one-to-one interview with an external Trinity examiner who will assess and discuss your knowledge. 

Unit 4: Classroom teaching - a sequence of five lessons (planning, teaching and reflecting). 


Coursework portfolio (Unit 2) is normally submitted prior to the in-school component. 



The assessment criteria requires candidates to score a minimum of 50% in each unit, 80% for a Distinction. 

Unit 1: Written paper - Externally assessed by Trinity examiner

Unit 2: Coursework portfolio - Internally assessed by course tutors and externally moderated by Trinity examiner, sections may be retaken individually 

Unit 3: Interview - Externally assessed by Trinity examiner

Unit 4: Classroom teaching - internally assessed (4 of 5 lessons) by course tutors, the 5th (and final) lesson is externally assessed by a Trinity examiner. 



The DipTESOL is accredited in England by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority at Level 7 of the UK National Qualifications Framework as master’s degrees in related subject areas. Its is accepted by the British Council as a full TEFL Qualifying qualification (equivalent to the Delta) for teachers moving in to management roles.
Alba English School is a validated course provider (No. 63917) accredited by Trinity College London for the delivery of the Trinity Diploma in TESOL. Alba English School is accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English.