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TOEIC Exam Preparation Classes


Our TOIEC (Test of English for International Communication) Exam Preparation classes focus on the grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and the exam skills required for:

• TOEIC Reading and Listening Exam
• TOEIC Speaking and Writing Exam

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Come to our TOIEC Exam Preparation classes to…

• ...practice exam techniques
• …discover common errors
• …expand your vocabulary
• …work on grammar accuracy
• …practise past papers
• …practise mock speaking and listening tests
• …receive individual feedback on your written work

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General TOEIC Information

TOEIC is "an English language test designed specifically to measure the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment." It is recognised in many countries and used by workplaces as a measure of language skills across all four communication areas: listening, reading, speaking.

This exam is usually taken to be used as part of a job application or to further your career. It focuses on the needs of the workplace. TOEIC was updated in 2016 to reflect the growing use of online communication.

The exam has two forms:

• The Listening and Reading Exam
• The Speaking and Writing Exam (these can be taken separately)

The Listening and Reading Exam

• 2 hours (45 minutes for listening; 75 minutes for reading)
• Multiple choice
• Score from 10 to 990 points
• A1 – C1 CEFR

The Speaking and Writing Exam

• Speaking test takes 20 minutes
• Writing test takes 60 minutes
• Each test score from 10 – 200 points
• Speaking test assesses: pronunciation, intonation, stress, vocabulary, grammar, cohesion and content
• Writing test assesses: grammar, relevance of sentences, quality and variety of sentences, vocabulary, organisation, and ability to support ideas with examples
• A1 – C1 CEFR

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