English Outside the Classroom

Keep your brain active for learning English with our Outside the Classroom English courses. Your teacher will take you out of the classroom and into the city. These are not just social activities. Your teacher will help you improve your English as you explore the city, with new vocabulary, expressions and help with correcting your mistakes. Enjoy fresh air, interact with local people, use your English in the real world and see the sights of Edinburgh.

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Course Information

Join our General English classes in the morning combined with English Outside the Classroom classes in the afternoon.

This course is only offered in July and August

  • this programme is suitable for students of B1 (Pre-Intermediate) level and above
  • maximum class size of 12
  • adult class (minimum age 16)
  • there may be some extra costs, like bus tickets and entrance fees, to pay. These are paid by the student and will be an absolute maximum of £15 per week.

Join English Outside the Classroom to…

  • … learn English in real life contexts
  • … discover fascinating things about Edinburgh, Scotland and the UK
  • …enjoy a wide variety of tasks and activities from questionnaires and interviews, to following a trail or doing a ‘scavenger hunt’
  • … get corrections on your mistakes from a teacher