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Our CV Workshop is a free service offered to all our students. Meet one-to-one with a teacher to revise and improve your English CV.
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Here are our top ten tips for making a fantastic English CV for finding a job in Scotland…

1) Make your CV eye-catching and beautiful to look at with some subtle colours, smart font and enough white space to a make it easy on the eye. Compare the formatting of this blue CV and this orange CV with a plain CV. If you are in a creative industry, you may want a really different CV.

2) Keep it short (one page if possible, maximum two).

3) Make sure your address and phone number are written in a UK style with capitals…
don’t write…
Main street 15 4, edinburg, EH8 3RE +447846 454 453
15/4 Main Street, Edinburgh, EH8 3RE 07846 597 548

4) Tailor your CV to each job. Employers will appreciate it.

5) Consider including a short personal statement saying who you are and what you are looking for and make sure this matches the job description.

For example, if the job description is…
Trainee SEO Account Manager / Search Analyst
This is an entry level role that would suit a self-motivated graduate looking to develop a career in digital marketing. The role will involve supporting our project directors across a range of clients from SME's to blue chip multinational campaigns.

Then your personal statement should say…
“Self-motivated, career-focused graduate looking for an entry-level role in a fast-growing digital marketing company”.

6) Be specific.
Don’t say...
Managed a busy restaurant
Do say...
Managed a 100-seat restaurant, with a £4,000 a week turnover

7) Don’t use meaningless, clichéd expressions like ‘good communication skills’, ‘good team worker’ or ‘strong analytical skills’. Who can’t say they have these skills? yawn…
Here are the top 10 overused words from LinkedIn.

8) Check, double check and triple check all spelling and punctuation. Don’t give an employer any reasons to put your CV in the ‘no’ pile.

9) If possible, attach a letter of reference, in English, from your last employer or an organisation you volunteer for. Here's how to structure it.

10) Save your CV as ‘CV_Your Name.pdf’.
not… Jenny Tall CV4_English_editing.docx

For more advice on finding a job, check out our blog article “Looking for a job in Edinburgh? 10 top tips...”

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