Know Your Working Rights in Scotland

Working in a foreign country can be a great experience. Know your working rights in Scotland to ensure to get the best out of it.

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How to Get Your NINo

Do you want to work in the UK? You will need a NINo (National Insurance Number). Here is what they say when you call…

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Why Volunteering is Great!

If you become a volunteer, you will improve your community and at the same time feel rewarded and good about yourself. You will also improve your employability.

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Writing a successful cover letter

Writing a good cover letter is essential if you want to get an interview and get a good job. In this article, you will find some suggestions for writing a successful cover letter, such as the register, vocabulary and the structure. Good Luck!

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Looking for a job in Edinburgh? 10 top tips...

Finding a job can be difficult, especially in a country you don't know very well. What can you do to find a job more easily in Edinburgh? Here are our 10 top tips...

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