If you are lucky enough to live in Edinburgh, you’re in a better position than most to get your day off to a good start. The capital has a huge amount of eateries offering everything from a traditional Scottish breakfast to more exotic dishes from around the world. We’ve suggested a few of our favourites below to whet your appetite.

Urban Angel

Located on Hanover Street, right in the heart of the city centre, Urban Angel is a popular breakfast destination – so popular, that its breakfast menu is available all day from 8am to 5pm on weekdays and 9am to 5pm on weekends. The café-bistro operates a flexible, “mix and match” approach, so that you can build your ideal breakfast from fresh, seasonal produce. Lighter options include homemade granola, porridge oats and toast with homemade preserves, while cooked breakfast options include Arbroath smokies, kedgeree and eggs Benedict.

Henri of Edinburgh

Further towards the north of the city, in Stockbridge, Henri of Edinburgh is an authentic French delicatessen, open from 9am onwards seven days a week. Henri is known for the quality of strong, fresh coffee and its range of freshly baked cakes and pastries. It also receives weekly deliveries from France and so boasts artisan French cheese and pork products, such as hams, pâtés and sausages. The interior of the delicatessen is warm and welcoming, but on warmer days you can also sit outside. 

Falko Konditormeister

Continuing the continental European theme, on the south side of the city is a small German bakery offering freshly made breads, cakes and gateaux. Falko is in fact, a real person; he’s a master pastry chef, originally from Stuttgart, and he follows the rules of German baking to the letter. His selection of pretzels, sourdough breads, cheese and salami tongues as well as hazelnut and raisin brioche is difficult to resist, especially if washed down with a cup of rich, roasted coffee. 

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The Caffeine Drip

The wonderfully named Caffeine Drip, in the heart of the West End is the perfect place to jump start your morning. It’s a coffee shop, offering rich, full-bodied coffee, but it is also a bakery and delicatessen, offering a large breakfast menu, served until midday. The Caffeine Drip offers a ‘Create Your Own’ option starting with the egg and bread of your choice and then you can pick whatever you like, particularly sausages – which include special South African sausages, known as ‘boerewors’. There’s also a similar option for vegans, plus a selection of lighter options for those with smaller appetites.

Snax Café

If you’re really hungry and on a budget, try Snax Café (on West Register Street, near Princes Street or on Buccleuch Street, near Alba English and Edinburgh University). The cafés serve breakfast all day, seven days a week, and its full Scottish breakfast, available in ‘Bigger’ and ‘Biggest’ sizes, features all you could wish for, including black pudding, a tattie scone and a buttered roll on the side, at a very cheap price (vegetarian options are also available). For those with smaller appetites, Snax Café offers a range of delicious, freshly made breakfast rolls, including haggis.


by Gareth Thomas


About the Author

Gareth Thomas is the co-founder of Reserve Apartments, an Edinburgh based holiday let and apartments specialist.


Some interesting vocabulary:

whet your appetite (I)

= stimulate your appetite, make you feel like to want to eat something

mix and match (I)

= choose a mixture of items you want from a selection

boast (V)

= have/possess something good

follow the rules to the letter (I)

= follow the rules very closely

washed down with (V)

= drank with

full-bodied (Adj.)

= full-flavoured

black pudding (N)

= a type of blood sausage

tattie scone (N)

= savoury potato pancake


N = noun, V = verb, Adj. = adjective, Adv. = adverb, I = idiom