The Very Best FREE Websites for Learning English Online

There are so many websites for learning English online. Here are some of the very best – and they are all completely free!

Find enormous banks of Grammar and Vocabulary explanations and activities at and English Club.

There are huge variety of videos for listening and pronunciation practice at English Central and Elllo. You can read along with the scripts or do activities connected with the video.

Do you want news stories that you can understand? Try News in Levels or the BBC’s 6 minute podcasts, especially for English learners. You can download the pdf of the script and read along while they are talking.

Want an online language exchange where you speak English 100% of the time? Practice speaking English with real people from all over the world on Skype.

The British Council is a massive site which has EVERYTHING you need to help you learn English at home – videos, activities, songs, grammar reference, vocabulary….

Everyone’s favourite dictionary is Find all the answers you need in the forums.

Get your writing corrected for free by native speakers at Lang-8.

Learn and help by translating the world wide web with duolingo!

Last but not least, have fun with English by listening and singing along with the lyrics to songs with JJ English’s videos.

Do you know any great websites for learning English? Tell us your ideas!

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