Tucked away at the foot of Arthur’s Seat yet just a 30-minute walk from the heart of the city, Prestonfield House offers a charming escape that embodies the spirit of Scotland. The traditional decor, highland cows, and scenic location combine to create an atmosphere that transports you straight to the Scottish countryside.


Prestonfield House


Prestonfield House is a renowned 5-star hotel located in Edinburgh, Scotland. Built-in 1687 as the grand Baroque home of Edinburgh’s Lord Provost, the establishment has been transformed into a luxury hotel and is often lauded for its lavish and opulent décor, reflecting its rich history and heritage.


Take Your Breath Away with a Scottish Countryside Retreat in the City


Surrounded by 20 acres of gardens and parklands, Prestonfield House provides a sense of countryside charm within the city, as it’s just a short distance away from Edinburgh’s city centre. This makes it an attractive location for those who wish to enjoy the tranquillity of the country while having easy access to the city’s attractions.


Upon entering Prestonfield House, you’re immediately drawn to its traditional Scottish decor, adorned with antlers and tartan, which provides a warm and homely feel. Here, you can roam around the grounds, marvel at the stunning architecture, and soak up the tranquil atmosphere, making it perfect for photography both during the day and at night.


Meet the most adorable Highland Companions: Toffee and Treacle


Adding to the Scottish rural charm are the resident highland cows, Toffee and Treacle, who can often be spotted grazing on the lush grounds. Their shaggy coats and long horns make for a beautiful photo opportunity and a memorable encounter.


Spot the Resident Peacock while Enjoying Refreshments


One of the delightful features of Prestonfield House that often takes guests by surprise is the resident peacock, an enchanting inhabitant of the lush gardens. As you sit back and savour a refreshing drink or a cup of coffee or indulge in the classic afternoon tea, you might spot this beautiful bird flaunting its vibrant plumage.


Enjoy a Luxurious Afternoon Tea at Rhubarb


One of the highlights of Prestonfield House is its culinary offering – the Rhubarb restaurant. Rhubarb is well-known for its fine dining experience, providing exquisite cuisine in the beautifully decorated dining rooms of the estate.


A VIP guest Experience!


Prestonfield House has a helicopter pad available for the ultra VIP guest experience, offering a uniquely glamorous arrival option. Prestonfield House is also known for hosting a range of events, from weddings and private parties to corporate functions.


A Breathtaking Natural Backdrop 


The property lies in the shadow of Arthur’s Seat, offering an awe-inspiring backdrop for any occasion. The manicured lawns and gardens are home to a resident peacock, adding a touch of exotic charm.

Experience the soul of Scotland at Prestonfield House, where countryside charm meets city convenience. Whether looking for a unique dining experience, a stunning photography location, and just a beautiful walk, Prestonfield House promises a memorable encounter with Scotland’s rich heritage.

Prestonfield House,
Priestfield Road, Edinburgh,
EH16 5UT, Scotland.

0131 225 7800