Opening a Bank account in the UK

Do you want to open a bank account in the UK but you don't know where to start? It can be confusing if it's your first time. Find out everything you need to know here.

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Scottish Universities - a summary for International students

Edinburgh University Old College

Some of the oldest and most prestigious universities are located in Scotland, and five of them are in world’s top 200. They offer choice, quality and a very high rate of graduate employment.

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Nightlife for International students in Edinburgh

Edinburgh pub

Nightlife for international students in Edinburgh is easier with an essential how-to-have-fun-and-improve-your-English-language-skills guide, with suggestions of how to have a fun and worthwhile night out.

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Libraries - more than just books

Edinburgh library

Are you new to Edinburgh? What are you looking for? Get everything you could want, in a peaceful environment, for free – visit a library and settle into the city!

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Moving to Edinburgh but don’t know any natives? Some hints to get you started!

When you move to a new city it can seem difficult to talk to the local people. Here’s some handy hints for meeting those elusive natives...

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Public Transport in Edinburgh and Scotland

All you need to know about getting around the city and the country on public transport in Edinburgh!

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British Driving Licence: Can I drive here?

Need a driving licence for a job or to hire a car to explore the amazing Scottish Highlands? Read this article to become a truly expert British driver!

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Charity Shops in the UK – Help people, save money

Welcome to the World of Ethical Shopping! Did you know that shopping was good for your brain? Find out the secrets of budget shopping in the UK.

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Edinburgh by Bike

The Scottish Parliament

Edinburgh is a stunning city full of magical places waiting to be visited. Now is the moment to find your second-hand bike and discover the city of Edinburgh - the Old Town, the New Town, the parks, the museums, the sea and more!

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Need a doctor? 8 important facts about healthcare in Scotland…

Our health is probably the most important thing in life. It can be scary to talk about your health in another language. Here is some very useful information about the NHS (National Health Service) in Scotland to take away the pain.

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