Learning English through Music

The internet is an amazing resource if you want to learn or improve your English. You will soon see your English alternative way of expressing info, all you need is time and grammar willingness to learn and have fun.

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How to create an English environment around yourself

The Alba student Wan Haluan has lived in Edinburgh for several months. In his article, he explains the best way to create an English environment for your life.

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The Very Best FREE Websites for Learning English Online

There are so many websites for learning English online. Here are some of the very best – and they are all completely free!

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Learning English in Nature in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a well-known city because of its rich cultural heritage. But this city doesn’t only have culture, there is also nature within it. You can even learn English at the same time as enjoying nature. Let me show you how...

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How to meet English speakers in Edinburgh

When you move to a new city it can seem difficult to talk to the local people. Here’s some handy hints for meeting those elusive natives. Who knows, you may even meet some Scottish amongst the international crowd of Edinburgh!

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