Learning English through Music

The internet is an amazing resource if you want to learn or improve your English. You will soon see your English alternative way of expressing info, all you need is time and grammar willingness to learn and have fun.

Everyone wants improve their English, but this is not an easy task. We always do the same things: exercises, grammar, more exercises and more grammar until finally we end up tired and demotivated. We would like to share another fun and interesting method with all of you.

With the links below you can learn by using the songs, revise the grammar or learn more about the notorious phrasal verbs. Take a look, we invite you to explore this website further, we have lots of interesting things to see!








Bring up, carry on, come across and come up with

Fall apart, get along, get over and go on

Get away, pull over, hold on and look after

Give up, get away with, figure out and watch out

How many of you have tried to sing along to songs and in the end invent the lyrics because you can’t understand them? 

I guess almost everybody… so let’s start by finding the lyrics to your favourite songs. You won’t notice that you are learning, discovering new vocabulary, different expressions, slang, etc… And also it is a good way to sharpen our hearing. With the following website you can find out the lyrics that you always wanted to know: Lyrics Training

Furthermore here is a challenge for you. The aim is to guess the lyrics of the songs. First of all you can just listen to the whole of the song and afterwards you can start playing. Choose the level of difficulty, from beginner to expert, then as you play the song, you will see how the lyrics appear on the screen in time to the music like in Karaoke. But unlike normal Karaoke there is one added difficulty in this case; we have to practice our listening and guess the words that are missing in the lyrics.

So, it’s time to play and learn, come on is everybody ready? 


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