How to Beat British Weather

How do people deal with the weather in the UK? Here are some tips and suggestions. Read more…

“It’s a nice sunny day! Oh no, not anymore!” How many times have you heard people living in the UK saying this sentence?

In an instant, the total happiness of seeing the shining rays of sunshine, will suddenly disappear when you realize that weather has already changed. If you have ever lived in the UK, you’ll know that here the weather is really unpredictable, even the weather forecast can’t give 100% accuracy – since it is so changeable!

But is the weather really that bad in the UK? Is there a way to survive it?

First thing you should keep in mind if you decide to come to the UK is:

Rain is not ‘bad’ weather, if you are correctly dressed! If you are caught in a rainstorm and think the weather is particularly unbearable you’re probably not wearing the right clothes. To survive British weather you don’t really need such heavy and furry clothes – low temperatures and storms do not last long and the winds can die down and then the sun could come out again.

The most important item is a waterproof jacket. However, if you are in the middle of a howling wind  and your jacket is not enough to warm you up maybe you need some earmuffs  to protect your ears or even better a windproof umbrella to protect you from the rain and wind. Always remember to take some lip balm in your pocket to keep your lips hydrated, especially when it is particularly a blustery day.

Remember that if you live in the UK, you don’t need to spend all of your time outdoors. You have got lot of possibilities to enjoy your spare time in indoor locations. Most of UK’s museums are free of charge and offer a variety of activities. You can learn new things while recovering from the cold. You might also know that UK is the home of pubs and cafes. If you have a free moment, if you have got to wait for an hour for your next train or you have arrived too early for an appointment, don’t freeze outside! Refer to this article on the Best Free Things to do in Edinburgh. Have a cuppa in the closest café or why not taste a cup of mulled wine or a typical Scottish hot toddy ? What a better place to improve your English speaking with locals!

British people are always up for a good conversation, especially if the topic is “weather”, they would probably tell you that bad weather doesn’t exist at all, they might say that “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”!

For more tips on how to survive the cold and rainy days refer to this article.

die down

= Become less strong

howling wind

= A wind so strong it makes noises


= A strong wind – strong enough to blow things around


= Things to cover your ears to keep them warm. They look like headphones.

hot toddy

= A traditional remedy of hot whisky, honey and spices

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