Did you know that from April 26 2021, everyone in Scotland can get free regular tests for COVID-19. The tests are called 'Lateral Flow Tests'. You can take the test at home and get the results quickly, in about half an hour.


Why Take Regular Tests?

There's no obligation to get tested,  but if you take a test you are helping to keep everyone safe. They can detect people who are asymptomatic (people without symptoms of COVID-19) so that they know to stay at home and not spread the virus to other people. If lots of people  take  regular tests, we will hopefully all get back to normal more quickly!


Who can apply?

Anyone ages 12 or over living in Scotland can get regular tests. You don't have to have a UK passport or anything like that, you just have to live in Scotland. These tests are for people without COVID-19 symptoms. If you have symptoms, you should get tested, but it's a different one. See this link for information about tests if you have symptoms. 


How often can I take a test?

You can take the test twice a week (every three or four days).


How much does it cost?

The tests are totally free!


How can I get a test?

You can either pick up a pack of tests from a test centre or get them delivered to your house.


Picking up tests

Tests can be collected between 3:30pm and 8pm from some test sites. In Edinburgh, locations include Newington Library, the Usher Hall and Leith Library. Find your closest one at this link. You can collect up to two packs of 7 tests (a one-month supply) for yourself or up to four packs if you are collecting for multiple people.


Ordering Tests for Delivery

You can order a pack of 7 tests to be delievered to your house. They should arrive in one or two days. It's really easy to order them.

Go to the website at https://test-for-coronavirus.service.gov.uk/order-lateral-flow-kits/ and follow the instructions. Don't worry if don't have a UK mobile number, you don't need to provide one.


How do I take a test?

There will be step-by-step instructions with the tests, but we strongly recommend checking out this video demonstration.

After you get the result, you must report it to the NHS. You can do this on this NHS page.


What happens if I test positive?

You should self-isolate (don't leave the house) and book a PCR test. PCR tests are more accurate and are used to confirm the result.


What happens if I test negative?

You can continue with your day! Note that even if you test negative, you still have to follow the same rules for social distancing. This is because the tests are not 100% accurate and they only show your result at one moment in time. Find out the current rules on the Scottish Government website.

If you have any doubts about your tests, you should go to the Scottish Government website or call 119.