Students take English classes to improve their English – but are you using the correct language for the classroom? Students ask lots of questions in class. It is important to ask them correctly so you learn the correct sentence structure.

Here are some sentences we often hear students use. Which of these are ‘good’ English?

Answers below!

1. It’s possible? It’s correct?

2. What’s mean “adorable”?

3. Sorry? Repeat please.

4. “Thistle? How spell?

5. How you pronounce “island”?

Download this fantastic poster to find out how to ask these questions (click on the poster below) and share it on Facebook with your friends!



None of them are good sentences! Here’s a better way to say them...

1. It’s possible? It’s correct? -> Is that correct? Is that possible?

2. What’s mean “adorable”? -> What does “adorable” mean?

3. Sorry? Repeat please -> Could you say that again?

4. “Thistle? How spell? -> How do you spell “thistle”?

5. How you pronounce “island”? -> How do you pronounce “island”?

A massive “THANK YOU” to Bastian Prendes for creating the awesome drawings for this poster and another massive “THANK YOU” to Carmen Cuervo for putting them altogether in this eye-catching poster!