If you are willing, then exploring Edinburgh by bike is the best and cheapest way to do it. It seems like the city has been built to be toured by bike.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert rider or not, some of Edinburgh is quite flat, making it easier to discover all her fantastic spots. Maybe right now you are thinking “Yes, it is the cheapest option, but I don’t have a bike”. This is not a problem. You can easily find a good bike, even on a small budget.

In the city there are several second-hand bike shops, where you can find your bike for a reasonable price. Furthermore these kind of shops usually provide a three-month guarantee.

*Soul cycles

*The bike station

*East Side Bikes

First of all, you have to decide if you are going to ride the bike on cycle paths, off road on unpaved tracks or through the city centre alongside the cars. This will influence the type of bike you choose.

Then, you should think about getting and using a helmet and a reflective, high visibility (high vis) vest. It is also worth carrying a puncture repair kit with you, a small tool kit and a front and a back light.

Another important thing after getting your bike and equipment is the maintenance of the bike. It is worth keeping the bike in good condition - it'll last longer. So, it is good to check the most important things regularly:

* Keep the bike clean, especially the chain

* Keep the tyres inflated properly

* Check the brake pads

* Make sure the bicycle seat is in the right position

The shop The Bike Station offers maintenance courses to learn how to do simple checks.

Now you are ready to cycle in Edinburgh, so let’s go find your bike!!!