Edinburgh has lots of amazing places to visit, and many of the best ones are free. However, there are a few amazing attractions which normally cost £15 - £20 to enter. Learn how to get a cheaper ticket with our step-by-step guide to get a £25 voucher for just £2!


How do I get a £25 voucher for £2?


1: Buy a Lotto ticket for £2

You can get one from lots of shops in Edinburgh, including supermarkets and newsagent’s. Look for the ‘Lotto’ or ‘National Lottery’ sign, then ask a member of staff ‘Can I buy a lucky dip for Saturday's lottery please?’

Alternatively, you can buy one online. Note that anyone over 18 can buy a ticket to play from a shop, but only UK residents (people who have been physically in the UK for at least 183 days in the last year) can play online.


2: Get your £25 Voucher Code

Go to this site and enter the number of your lottery ticket and email address. You’ll then receive a code by email.


3: Book your tickets

You can choose an activity that’s £25 or less and pay nothing, or something over £25 and pay the difference. For example, if you book something that costs £35, you’d have to pay £10. Go to this site to book.


What are the best attractions in Edinburgh to use the voucher?


Camera Obscura and World of Illusions

This is near Edinburgh Castle, and is an amazing museum full of optical illusions and more. It’s very visual, so if you don’t speak English well, it doesn’t really matter - you’ll still enjoy it. It’s normally £16.20, so totally free with the voucher (or buy two tickets and pay £7.40 extra).


Book at https://www.visitbritainshop.com/gb/en/camera-obscura-world-illusions.


Mercat Tours Mercat Tours Underground Vaults Historical Walking Tour

You can take a tour of Underground Vaults and learn about life in Edinburgh in  the 19th century. The tour is with a live guide, so it might be difficult to understand everything if your level of English is not very high. However, it’s also quite visual and we think you’ll still enjoy it. It's normally £17 each, so totally free with the voucher (or buy 2 tickets and pay £9 extra).


Book at https://www.visitbritainshop.com/gb/en/mercat-tours-underground-vaults-historical-walking-tour-edinburgh 

If you prefer, there’s a similar tour, but with more focus on ghosts and Edinburgh’s haunted past. Find out more and book at https://www.visitbritainshop.com/gb/en/mercat-tours-ghostly-underground-vaults-tour-edinburgh 


Day Trip to the Scottish Highlands

Visit Loch Ness, Glencoe and other beautiful parts of Scotland. Leave Edinburgh at 8am, return at around 8pm. A guide will tell you about the places you are visiting and their history. If your level of English isn’t very high, this will probably be difficult to understand. However, the most important part is the views of Scotland you’ll see and the photos you’ll take, which don’t need any language! Tickets are usually  £48, so you can buy one for just £23 with the voucher.

Be aware that a lot of the day is on the bus, but if that’s OK for you, this is a great introduction to the famous highlands.


Book at https://www.visitbritainshop.com/gb/en/1-day-loch-ness-glencoe-scottish-highlands-and-ben-nevis-tour-hairy-coo.


The offer started in October 2021 and is for a limited time. It's subject to availability. One voucher code per person. 18+ only.  The voucher code will be sent as a code and must be redeemed within seven (7) days from the date of issue. Bookings made using a voucher code must be between 7th October 2021 and 31st March 2022. Check https://www.visitbritainshop.com/gb/en/nationallotterydaysout for full details and terms. If you are looking for help, advice or support with problem gambling, please go to BeGambleAware or contact the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133.


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