You have a smartphone. Are you sure? Nowadays, you can prepare not only yourself but also your phone for the journey. Useful programs are available for free, so it is worth a small investment of time to get great benefits. Edinburgh is fast-paced city where certain applications make your life easier.

The most important app that helps you in emergency is Edinburgh Emergency. It contains the contact details of police, medical centres, consulates and other essential services.  

In many situations it is a great help when you can make phone calls to your country or all over the world for free. For this use Viber if both of you are online and users. With free Wi-Fi, calls can be carried out almost anywhere (airports, stations, fast-food restaurants) and the Wifi Finder application allows you to search for free connections.

Public transport within the city is highly developed and the My Bus Edinburgh application makes it simple. The app provides  live tracking of bus times or journey planning. Covering Scotland, Traveline Scotland includes a wide variety of public transport timetables and allows you to plan trips. Offline, Maps With Me Lite is at your service to identify your position.

During your discovery of Edinburgh, you will have wonderful adventures. There are applications which list the sights as well as bars, restaurants and hotels. You can plan your sightseeing with the Triposo Edinburgh Travel Guide and Edinburgh City Guide while offline.

You will also need a calendar in order to arrive  either at interviews or your  English courses at Alba English School on time. It is easy to use programs such as aCalendar and Business Calendar which can be viewed as daily, weekly, monthly calendars along with other additional functions.

It will be useful if your phone works as a dictionary even if there is no network. The perfect solution for entry-level English speakers is the Angol szótár app and for advanced English speakers the monolingual application.

Finding the right accommodation is the key to having a wonderful time. Choose from the cheapest hostels or high-class hotels with the app. It is worth installing the Gumtree diverse apps through which you can buy or sell items and find jobs in your area.

This sample of application is available for different operating systems and the list is ever-growing…