Edinburgh by Bike

Biking and YouTube sensation, the awesome Danny MacAskill and his bike, bring you impressive stunts with beautiful Edinburgh and Scotland as a backdrop.

His video of Edinburgh set to great music has had tens of millions of views on YouTube “Inspired Bicycles” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z19zFlPah-o

… and the Isle of Skye by bike

If you want to see some beautiful countryside but don’t want to be bored, watch Danny cycle up a mountain and conquer the Isle of Skye.

Skye is the second largest island in Scotland and boasts some of the most beautiful and stunning scenery of the Inner Hebrides. Through his incredible bike handling and ability to push himself to the limits, Danny shows us the spectacular landscape of this island.

Warning: if you go to Skye yourself, don’t try to copy him – this is only for professionals!

“Danny Macaskill: The Ridge” here: http://youtu.be/xQ_IQS3VKjA

A Tale of Edinburgh

This promotion video for the school, captures the beauty of the city with a stunning “timelapse” from morning to night.

The message of the video is that Edinburgh is the city where many things happen and is a city endowed with great beauty where people from different cultures coexist. Many of us with the same goal: learning English.

It aims to show people that Alba English gives students the opportunity of discovering this beautiful city, experiencing Scottish customs, meeting new friends and learning English... Come and enjoy learning!

A tale of Edinburgh here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOfsRPBlE8c

Video Guide of Edinburgh


This fantastic website has got dozens of videos, showing you everything from the airport to the summer festivals to the castle. There is a commentary too, with lots of useful information.

There are three categories:

Our Favourites http://www.edinburghvideoguide.com/video-category/our-favourites/

Things to see & do http://www.edinburghvideoguide.com/video-category/things-to-see-do/

Festivals & Events http://www.edinburghvideoguide.com/video-category/festival/

The places to see and things to do in Edinburgh are endless…

Amazing Edinburgh and Stunning Highlands

Here are two of the best slideshows of stunning photography set to music. The bagpipes in the background and incredible images make us want to delve into the amazing capital of Edinburgh and take a trip to see the breath-taking scenery of the Highlands.

For pictures of Edinburgh, “Amazing Edinburgh” shows different scenes from around the city and lets us see the magic that can be found in its streets, monuments, culture and people.

See Amazing Edinburgh here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNVEhxK2UjI

For a similar style of video, but with pictures of the highlands and islands, one of the best is called simply “The Scottish Highlands”.

Located in the north of Scotland, these mountains and islands offer us an idyllic landscape to enjoy and let us contemplate the flora and fauna of the area.

Come to visit them, and feel like a real William Wallace in the Scottish Highlands!

Scottish Highlands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9Rsle5ehgo

A Great Video for Practising English

In this video from the US, Rick Steves travels around Scotland, visiting many places and meeting lots of Scottish people. He tells you about lots of Scottish places, customs and a bit about the history of the country too.

The video comes with English subtitles so it is a great way of hearing Scottish accents and learning vocabulary about Scotland. What do you think a “caber”, “haggis” and “loch” are? Watch the video to find out.

Rick Steves’ Europe: Scotland's Islands and Highlands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-vlBVDWk7c


Some interesting vocabulary:

To boast. = This is when you talk about yourself, the things you can do or the things you have in an arrogant and self-admiring way. “Maria is always boasting about her new house. She’s always telling us how big and beautiful it is.”

To push yourself is when you make or force yourself to do the most you can do. It is often negative, he pushed me to train hard, and then I became exhausted.

To be endowed with something is when something (such as a person or place) has a good characteristic. Often they have it naturally. “She’s endowed with the good looks and intelligence she got from her mother”.

Breath-taking (adj). If something is so wonderful or so surprising, it makes you stop breathing for a second when you see it, it takes your breath away. We can use it as an adjective or a verb. “The first time I saw my wife, she was so beautiful, she took my breath away."

Idyllic is the adjective of idea. Common collocations are “idyllic English village”, “idyllic childhood” “idyllic setting (for our wedding).”

(Photo © Stefan Krause / Wikimedia Commons)