The Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) is an annual cinephile rendezvous, famous around the world for promoting and discovering the very best of British and international cinema from all genres and film lengths. The EIFF also debates changes in global film-making and presents the most innovative new film talents.

What is so special about the Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF)?

Being one of the world's oldest  film festivals, fuelled by pure passion for cinema, the EIFF has become one of the highlights of the European film industry. It is famous for screening high-quality films with original concepts, including many national and international film premieres. The EIFF is a very special event simply because it offers something different by exploring new ideas and providing a comprehensive programme full of documentaries, animations, music videos, short films and experimental cinema.

Last but not least, with its massive media presence, the festival is attended by film producers from all over the world, as well as many movie stars such as Ewan McGregor or our iconic Sir Sean Connery. Don’t wait until June to see how amazing this festival is! Get a glimpse of its unique atmosphere by watching the highlights of 2015!

The EIFF and Edinburgh, an old love story!

Another incredible point is the long life of EIFF! Indeed, the first one was held in 1947 together with the Edinburgh International Festival with a programme of documentaries. Over the years, the EIFF expanded to include fiction films and experimental work. In 2008 the festival made the decision to change its date from August to June to avoid the busy festival period in August.

Based at the Edinburgh’s beloved Filmhouse Cinema, the festival also takes place in three other main venues: Fountainpark Cineworld, Edinburgh Festival Theatre and the Dominion Cinema. In recent years, some parts of the programme have been moved to The Traverse Theatre, The Caves, and various other venues. Additionally, with the construction project of a new Filmhouse Cinema, which will offer a greater audience capacity, the love story seems stronger than ever!

The EIFF has everything to attract a wide variety of people from tourists and local people to film and festival lovers! June is coming, so don’t wait too long and have a look at the 2016 programme  to see in advance what you fancy seeing at the 70th EIFF’s anniversary!

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Some interesting vocabulary:

cinephile (Adj.)

= The “phile” suffix means someone who very much, or obsessively likes the noun before it. Cinephile (someone who loves films), Europhile (someone who loves Europe). The opposite of a Europhile, is a Eurosceptic and they often want their country to leave the EU. 

rendezvous (N)

= A get-together or meeting at a specific time and place (often in secret such as lovers or soldiers).

innovative (Adj.)

= New and original.

fuelled (V in passive)

= Given energy by, driven, given power.

comprehensive (Adj.)

= Full and complete – be careful! It is a “false friend” in some languages.

iconic = someone or something that is representative of a style, idea or era

glimpse (N)

= a quick look.

fancy (V)

= want to


N = noun, V = verb, Adj. = adjective, Adv. = adverb, I = idiom