Just prepare your bag with a couple of sandwiches, some fruit is also recommended, and a bottle of water and you are ready to admire all the beauty that can be found in this city, for free!

1 The Museums
Almost all Edinburgh’s museums are free. You will need to pay for the entry in just in some of the exhibitions. Here are some of my favourites.
The National Museum of Scotland is, in my opinion, a “must see” place to visit. In this museum you will be able to travel back in time and space through all human achievements which have allowed the development of global society.
In the National Gallery of Scotland you will find a good selection of the artwork of some of the old masters of Impresionism like Goya, Monet or Rembrandt. Nobody needs to be an expert to enjoy this gallery – and a great place to escape to on a rainy day. 

2 The Hills
Ready to climb a hill without leaving the city? Arthur’s Seat or Blackford Hill will provide you some of the most amazing views of Edinburgh city and its outskirts. If you don’t think you have the right footwear then don’t worry, you still have the chance to enjoy lovely views at Calton Hill. One of the first public parks in Scotland has the Hume Walk, which provides you with a great 360 degree view of the city and the estuary.

3 The Botanic Garden
One of my favourite free activities to do in Edinburgh is getting lost in this wonderful botanic garden. Open 365 days per year. I would recommend visiting during the first weeks of autumn as the variety of colours in the different kinds of trees make it even more stunning. Take a seat on one of the numerous benches to admire the variety of birds or gaze at the charming squirrels. If you are unlucky and the rain starts, don’t panic, you can visit the glass houses and immerse yourself in different climates of the world. All of them are free except the Victorian Palm House.

4 The Water of Leith
The Water of Leith is a 12 mile-long walkway from Balerno to Leith docks. If that is too long a walk for you, I would strongly recommend doing the section from Dean Village to Canonmills and having a little break at Stockbridge – a prefect way of getting to The Botanic Garden.

5 The Scottish Parliament
In the parliament you can book a free guided tour through the permanent exhibition , whenever the parliament is not “in session” (meeting). If it is meeting, you can book a ticket to see the Scottish Members of Parliament in action (having a debate).


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English language advice:

Notice we use ‘the’ for specific things, but no article for talking about things in general.

But, we don’t use the definite article for hills and mountains!

A “must see” place to visit is somewhere that is so good, it is almost mandatory that you visit it.

"Estuary" – the wide part of the river where it meets the sea, where fresh and salt water mix.

This article has many interesting words that mean very good or beautiful – astonishing, amazing, lovely, great, wonderful, stunning. Some more are gorgeous, striking, spectacular, fabulous, splendid, impressive, superb and marvellous. Try to use these words in your speaking and writing.


(Photo © Ad Meskens / Wikimedia Commons)