Improve your English For Free!

Sign up to the movie night and you can take part in a brilliant night out with other students and teachers. Come to watch some short films in Spanish with English subtitles as a perfect way to improve your vocabulary and a great way to socialise with classmates.

After the event, write a short summary of one of the films and give it to your teacher or post it on facebook and you could win A FREE CLASS!

This will be the second movie night which is great as the quality of films last time was amazing- we're very excited!

CinemaAttic is an initiative that emerged in Edinburgh aiming to bring quality independent European cinema outside traditional theatres as well as an offline and online social network for movie-goers. What makes them different is the screening of exclusive short films produced by cutting-edge talents from Spain: a rarity in Scotland. Short films have provided filmmakers with an actual and very fine medium to express themselves. At CinemaAttic, they just select the freshest works by recently awarded Spanish film directors.

Summerhall Place. 1 Summerhall Place, EH9 1QH
Next Time: 
14 Jun, 2013 19:45h

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